Solar arrays are popping up all over Raleigh

Corporate Headquarters

Corporate headquarters require assets and amenities simply not found in most communities.

First and foremost is well-educated people. The C-suite is frequently filled with industry professionals holding advanced degrees in management, marketing or a specific field relevant to their industry. This is an area where Raleigh shines. Almost half of the city's population has a bachelor's degree and close to one in every six holds an advanced degree (both are well above the national average).

Next is access to customers. Executives and sales professionals need access to their clients, and they want to be sure that customers can easily visit them. Raleigh-Durham International Airport affords easy air travel to 40 non-stop destinations, and our central east coast location and excellent network of interstates and highways means a short drive puts you in reach tens of millions of people.

Then, headquarter companies like to be near other headquarters. Whether it's for networking purposes, or just in case something doesn't work out there are other professional opportunities. And then there are the quality of life amenities that follow headquarters. Things like the arts, great educational infrastructure (both public and private), excellent health care facilities, etc. Raleigh may not be home to dozens of Fortune 500 headquarters, but it is home to dozens of headquarters—many of which are engaged in some form of technology development, which means our cluster of headquarters is more targeted than most. And that makes a very strong foundation for additional growth.

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